Soft Starters

EnPower represents Fairford Electronics, UK in their range of energy optimizing Soft Starters for AC Induction Motors. Fairford energy is a brand name which brings together a number of products which individually or in combination can offer real savings with realistic ROI to a wide range to users.


  • Up to 1800 Amps
  • Outstanding overload protection
  • Six button keypad, 2 line 32 character display
  • Adjustable Over current “shear pin”protection
  • Option of modbusComms and remote keypod
  •  Optional loads, Static loads, resistive (heaters) and inductive (transformers)


  • Up to 1800 Amps
  • If you need lighter start duty capability and overload protection
  • Range of ratings and options available such as use with an external bypass contactor
  • Prevents or reduces breakages of belts, gears, chains. Motor mountings and eliminates shock loading on equipment


  • Up to 41 Amps
  • Ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW
  • Over current protected
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • 45mm wide
  • Product that ticks all boxes


  • Up to 500 Amps
  • A soft starter perfect for panel builders and end users alike
  • Competitive pricing,, soft stopping and the removal of high transient currents
  • UL listed up to DFE32
  • Competitive with star/delta starter
  • Simplified installation

Please refer for datasheets and manuals