KNX System

Based on the standard protocol KNX, Enpower provides an intelligent solution for electrical installation of building technology, which opens up a new dimension of modern living. The intelligent concept for networking and controlling building technology noticeably enhances living comfort, at the same time as ensuring greater security and low energy costs – both in the home and in the workplace.

Enpower offers a wide range of KNX products which includes:

KNX Power Supply – EIB/KNX Power supply with integrated choke available in 640mA and 1280mA.

KNX LED Driver(CV) – Constant Voltage PWM style output with user changeable frequency up to 4KHz compliant IEEE 1789-2015 no risk, integrated with KNX protocol and no need KNX-DALI Gateway.

KNX LED Driver(CC) – Constant Current mode output with multiple levels selectable by dip switch, KNX protocol and Synchronization up to 10 units.

KNX to DALI Gateway – KNX proof gateway with built in Dali power supply connects up to 64 DALI drivers. It enables up to 16 DALI lighting group setting and 16 DALI scene setting.

KNX-USB Interface – USB interface offers galvanic isolated bidirectional access to the KNX bus line. It makes network configurations less effort and time-consuming. KNX-USB interface is used to access all bus connected devices in the KNX bus system including commissioning, addressing, setting parameters, diagnostic functions, visualization, protocol.

KNX IP Router – KNX IP Routers offers universal plug and play and telegram filtering, No need to have an external power supply for powering.

KNX Switching Actuator – 8 channel actuator in a compact size suitable for various and mixed applications can be programmed via ETS5.0 software and manual control can be achieved with push botton.

KNX Dimming Actuator – The KNX dimming actuator is a 4 channels device with high quality independent latching relay to turn on or off, which is suitable for MEANWELL all kinds of LED drivers. The linear or logarithmic dimming curve programmable via ETS software and manual control via Push button on the panel.

KNX Line Coupler – The KNX TP Media Coupler works as a KNX line/area coupler to provide a bi-directional data connection between two KNX TP lines/areas. it can support long messages to 240 byte APDU.

Please refer for datasheets and manuals.