Enpower has expanded its lighting division by including the vast range of lighting products to its product portfolio. Our lighting products are branded under the name LEDRAY. Enpower supported by an extensive network of suppliers has the ability to provide the necessary logistical and technical support to meet the lighting requirements of our customers.

Our lighting product line includes:

  • Down Lights
    • Down lights with various architectural designs combined with excellent CRI, desired lumen output, numerous dimensions and 3 years warranty.

  • LED Strips
    • We are specialized in delivering high quality LED strips in the Middle Eastern market. The raw materials used in the strips are of premium quality and are from best brands in the industry. We deliver custom solutions for all your lighting requirements such as Decorative Lighting where photometric like CRI, purity and tolerance are priority or for Signage Lighting where maximum flux per watt, stability and general lumen output are the focus. Our LED strips are suitable for homogenous and dot free illumination.

  • Track Lights
    • Track lights come with high quality LED chip for high efficacy and energy savings, high quality reflection performance and precise optical designs for best light distribution. Our Track light fixtures come in convenient and efficient tracking installations combined with excellent CRI, desired lumen output, numerous dimensions and 3 years warranty.

  • Decorative Lights
    • All our Decorative lights come with a beautiful blend of aesthetic harmony and technical perfection combined with professional quality LED systems and patent designs resulting in a truly unique lighting experience. Our series of Decorative light products include Hotel Lighting fixtures, Cabinet Lights, Wall Lights and many more decorative products.

  • Panel Lights
    • All our Panel lights come with advance high-power LED chips, optimized housing and diffuser designs to provide excellent and reliable lighting. The Panel lights are suitable for Recessed and suspended mounting.

The complete product details and technical datasheets can be accessed on our dedicated website for lighting