DC Drives

5KW – 980KW Three Phase DC Drives

2Q and 4Q DC motor controllers. Analogue and Digital models

0.37KW – 11KW Single Phase DC Drives

  • Analogue DC motor control. Includes 1Q and 4Q models.
  • Available with DIN Rail mounting, panel mounting or in metal enclosures.

DIN Rail Mounting

Panel Mounting

Reversing Unit

Slip Ring Motor Controllers

The JL/X range covers output currents from 100 to 1850 Amps and is available in 3 frame sizes with standard supply voltage inputs up to 480VAC.

400XLV, 800XLV & 1200XLV Controllers 4-12 amps.

The XLV range of DC servo controllers are designed for use with permanent magnet brushed DC servo motors, 12 to 48 Volts.

200XLV Controller 2 Amps

Ultra compact linear unit for controlling small DC motors from 12 to 48 Volts. e.g. Security cameras, XY tables.

Drive Configuration And Monitoring Software

Make it easier to configure your DC drives with this Windows based software.


Thyristor Stack Controller

PLA – Applications Module

Enhance any analogue or digital control system.

Digital Panel Meters

Compact and robust DPM with lots of user-friendly features.

Other Products

Buffer cards and Reversing units