Aluminum Profiles

Enpower offers a wide variety of Aluminum Profiles for mounting elements applied in interior design, architecture, furniture, scenography, advertisement, industrial design, exhibits etc.The profile acts as a connector between a light source and the LED application area and provides a stylish and finished look. Enpower offers wide choice of shapes and sizes of profiles which are compact and easy to install as they can be cut easily to whatever length is needed.

The productline includes:

Ceiling Profiles :Aluminum profile suitable for corridor applications

Corner Profiles – Aluminum profile for housing LED strip lights, suitable for furniture, under benches, table, ceiling, wall etc.

Recessed Profiles – Aluminum profile designed to tie-in furniture, shelves, drywall, wooden partitions etc.

Stair LED Profile – This is a specialized profile designed to illuminate the steps in cinemas and many other sites

Triangular LED Profile – This profile is designed for mounting the LED light source at an angle with respect to the mounting surface, which allows the profile to direct the light beam to the object illumination.

Round LED Profile– This profile is a deep profile of a circular shape which is most commonly used for the manufacture of linear LED fixtures on suspensions.

Underground LED Channel – Ideal for mounting underground. It can be installed in a space near the pool, terrace boards, paving tiles, granite and ceramic plates